LAMB OF GOD Are Working On New Material

Lamb of God
Photo credit : Travis Shinn

In a recent interview with Full Metal JackieLAMB OF GOD guitarist Mark Morton has shared some new information about the band’s possible upcoming album.

He said: “LAMB OF GOD is in full swing, for sure. We are currently working on new material that I’m thrilled about. I just had some sessions with Willie [Adler], putting together new songs. There’s a really cool energy going on with the new stuff.

So LAMB OF GOD is full throttle. We’ve got shows coming together — I think we’ve already announced some of them for this year — and more to come. And lots of new material coming together. So, yeah, they’ll be no shortage of LAMB OF GOD this year, for sure.”

Mark Morton will release a solo album titled Anesthetic on March 1, 2019 via WPP Records and Spinefarm Records.

Anesthetic was made alongside a dream team of highly respected musicians from a multitude of musical worlds; some friends and some who would never be expected to collaborate with metal genre leaders LAMB OF GOD.