LAMB OF GOD’s ART CRUZ: RANDY BLYTHE Is ‘The Greatest Frontman In Heavy Metal History’

Randy Blythe Art Cruz

During a recent appearance on “Talk Toomey” podcast, drummer Art Cruz  discuss all things LAMB OF GOD and the band’s upcoming album, Omens.

“I’m speaking as a fan as well,” Art said while speaking about “greatness” of LOG‘s frontman. “Randy Blythe, he’s the greatest frontman in heavy metal history, in my opinion — not just on a vocal level; it’s more of a performer, you know what I’m saying? Metal bands need a performer and somebody like that that can really take it and lead you through this adventure. So I think between Randy and people like Jamey Jasta [HATEBREED] and obviously Phil Anselmo [PANTERA], these are elite frontmen, in my opinion.

“That’s just in my generation too. You can go back even more and start going deep into the older stuff, the classic metal days and stuff like that. There’s a lot more performers happening now, I think. From the hardcore scene and that New Wave Of American Metal that came through, your frontman was kind of everything.”

LAMB OF GOD will release new studio album, Omens, on October 7 via Epic Records.

Densely muscular, soaked in unnerving spite, with a pessimistic eye toward inner struggles and global affairs alike, Omens is a furious entry in the LAMB OF GOD catalog, perhaps the band’s angriest album yet.

Omens is also LAMB OF GOD‘s most diverse affair. The band tracked with longtime collaborator Josh Wilbur (KORNMEGADETH) live in the room together at Henson Recording Studios (formerly A&M Studios) in Los Angeles, California, a location that birthed classics from THE DOORSPINK FLOYDRAMONES and SOUNDGARDEN, among others.