LAMB OF GOD’s JOHN CAMPBELL: ‘I Respect The Hell Out Of SLAYER For Going Out On Top’

Photo credit : Travis Shinn

LAMB OF GOD bassist John Campbell talked about SLAYER‘s decision to call it a day after completing one final world tour. , telling New Hampshire during a recent interview:  “They are in amazing form on this tour. If I had this option as a way to wrap up a career, it’s beautiful. It’s great. I totally get it. It is a bumout that SLAYER is saying farewell, but at least we get to say farewell — they get to say farewell — on their terms.”

John also pointed out that LAMB OF GOD has no plans to call it a day anytime soon, saying: “Not if I can help it. To me, I’ve got the greatest job in the world. It’s very rewarding, and I’m not ready, by any means, to retire. I’d like to think we’ve got plenty more years left in us.”

Asked about what he thinks has kept LAMB OF GOD going strong throughout the years, Campbell replied “We’ve always been very focused on pushing ourselves to try stuff that we can’t necessarily do at first, and that is incredibly rewarding. We have constantly challenged ourselves, and I think that’s initially, or, probably at its very base, what keeps us going, because we are some fairly driven people in that regard.”