LAMB OF GOD’s MARK MORTON: New Drummer ART CRUZ Is ‘A Little Less Robotic’ Than CHRIS ADLER

Lamb of God
Photo credit : Travis Shinn

In a new interview with American Songwriter, LAMB OF GOD guitarist Mark Morton what it was like writing and playing with band’s new drummer Art Cruz after recording with former drummer Chris Adler for over a decade.

“It was fantastic. The songwriting process hasn’t changed at all,” Mark replied. “We start with guitar riffs. So the same guys are writing the guitar riffs that always were. We have a different drummer, and there are differences for sure. Chris was a phenomenal talent, and he’s a great drummer, and we made a lot of amazing music together. But Art is also a phenomenal talent and a great drummer. He’s more feel-oriented. He’s a little less robotic, and I don’t mean that as a dig. I don’t want to compare them too much. They’re just two different drummers. But Art is a real feel, finesse player.

“I think the prime example I can give is live with Chris we used to play everything to a click,” he continued. “There was a click in our ear and that was a machine that kept timing consistent and the same every night. Within a week of playing with Art live, we were off the click. We were just playing the songs together instead of playing them at the same time. And I think that really made its way into our creative process as well.”

LAMB OF GOD will release their self-titled album on June 19 via Nuclear Blast. Lamb of God is produced by longtime collaborator Josh Wilbur (GOJIRAKORNMEGADETHTRIVIUM). This will be the band’s first record with Cruz, who sat behind the kit with LAMB OF GOD in 2018 and became an official member the following year. The new album also features guest appearances from Jamey Jasta (HATEBREED) and Chuck Billy (TESTAMENT). You can pre-order album here.