LAMB OF GOD’s RANDY BLYTHE Offers Brief Comment On Departing With CHRIS ADLER

Chris Adler Randy Blythe

As previously reported, this past July drummer Chris Adler has officially left LAMB OF GOD and has been replacement with Art Cruz, who has previously played with PRONG and WINDS OF PLAGUE.

During a recent appearance on Trunk Nation, LAMB OF GOD vocalist Randy Blythe talked about the band’s new drummer Cruz, and shared a very brief comments of Adler‘s departure.

“I think he did a f*cking fantastic job. Art is a really solid drummer,” Randy said. “It was interesting to watch him go through it, because writing a LAMB OF GOD record, even though it was pleasant this time, is generally not a pleasant experience to undergo; it’s just not, because we are so f*cking brutal on ourselves.

“That’s why it doesn’t f*cking matter to us, really, if a song comes out and a few people are, ‘That sucks. I wish it sounded more like As The Palaces Burn, or whatever. I don’t give a f*ck what you think, because we have put ourselves through absolute hell already to make this.

“We are our own worst critics by far – it’s ridiculous how hard we are on ourselves,” he continued. “That being said, it doesn’t make for very pleasant writing and recording experience sometimes. And watching kind of step into this world…

“I’m sure he was nervous, because it’s your first record with a band, and we are a 25-year established band with a large fanbase. I’m sure he was nervous, but he handled it – he did a really good job.

When asked how the band’s split with Adler has been resolved, Blythe responded: “The way it’s been resolved is that Chris Adler is no longer in LAMB OF GOD – that’s been publicly said – and Art Cruz is our new drummer. And that’s about all we have to say about that.”

LAMB OF GOD will be joining forces with thrash metal legends MEGADETH on a co-headline tour across North America this year. And to add to the firepower of this already formidable tour, TRIVIUM and IN FLAMES are joining, making this the must-see heavy music package of the year.

Tickets for the tour can be purchased here.