LAMB OF GOD’s RANDY BLYTHE Says He Might Run For Office One Day

Randy Blythe 2020
Photo credit : Travis Shinn

In 2012 LAMB OF GOD frontman Randy Blythe announced that he will be running for president.

Now, in a new interview with Kerrang!, Randy was asked if he would ever seriously consider standing for public office.

“That’s an interesting question. When I ran for president – and I did get some write-in ballots — it was to show the ridiculousness and corruption in campaign finance,” Randy responded. “It was meant to highlight how people are moulded and shaped by lobbyists and how it’s all about money. So I said that I wasn’t going to spend more than 99 cents on my campaign, which I spent on a video-editing app on the iPhone. The whole thing was to make a point, and obviously wasn’t serious.

“I’m not going to win the presidency — although I do think I’d do a better job than the idiot we’ve got in office right now – but would I ever run for public office? That’s an interesting question.

“It would depend on the office and it would depend how long from now the election took place,” he continued. “You can’t run for office when you’re in a touring band because you need to be at home for your constituents. But I would consider running for public office in a local position where I could make an immediate impact on the environment. I don’t know, maybe one day.”

LAMB OF GOD will release its self-titled album on May 8 via Nuclear Blast, which is the band’s first release in five years and the first to feature new drummer Art Cruz.

A true collaboration between all members of the band, LAMB OF GOD’s eighth studio album is an amalgam of each individual’s contributions, blended to create a singular style. Guitarists Mark Morton and Willie Adler fuel the album with a mountain of riffs, taking what LAMB OF GOD are known for, and unbelievably, upping the ante to new levels. The rhythm section of John Campbell, looming large as a rhythmic shadow, and drummer Art Cruz, who makes his studio debut with LAMB OF GOD here on this record, underpin the proceedings with passion, sweat and expansive dynamics. Vocalist D. Randall Blythe is as angry, insightful, and informed as ever. Never one to shrink from facing the darker aspects of our nature head-on, Blythe delivers with no punches pulled, and as only he and LAMB OF GOD can in 2020.

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