LARS BOQUIST’S Neondaze Release ‘2021’

“Neondaze” was originally Lars Boquist having a bunch of songs he wanted to record. To do that he needed a singer. He found Marcus Lundgren by watching him on TV doing Bon Scott (Ac/Dc) in the TV show Shoot For The Stars. To begin with Marcus joined Lars’s hard rock cover band and after a while Lars asked Marcus to sing on Lars’s songs.

The drums were played and recorded by session drummer Magnus Fritz in his own studio. The rest of the recordings were made in Lars’s bedroom. The songs were mixed by Stefan Petterson, a friend of Lars. Lars sent the songs to the German label Music Buy Mail who wanted to release it. The cd was released in November 2008. By this time Marcus was still studying a long way from where Lars lived (still lives…).

Meanwhile Lars was forming a full band, rehearsing the songs and just waited for Marcus to join when he had finished the studies. But after one rehearsal with the newly formed band Marcus lost interest and quit. Lars tried to find a replacement for Marcus but did not manage to do that. So Lars didn’t see any other way than to drop the band.

So let’s fast forward 12 years. It’s 2020 and Lars is on his own, well together with his band The 1712s. Lars has released two solo albums; Larser Than Life and Water were The 1712s plays on the latter one. Years ago Lars contacted Music Buy Mail about releasing Neondaze on Spotify but received no answer. So Lars decided to release it himself but with another mix since the drums sound on Neondaze was too weak and thin. Lars has a passion for mixing and thinks that this might be a good project to enhance his mixing skills.

Three of the songs were co-mixed with Jonas Lindahl who also mixed and mastered Lars’s both solo albums. But the rest of the songs were mixed by Lars. There are also some add-ons on the new version of the album. To separate the new version from the CD version from 2008 Lars named the album to “2021.” Also a new cover was made for the new version. Cover made by Lars’s friend Ulf Lindqvist. And maybe Lars and his band will do some of the Neondaze tracks live…

Band Line-Up:
Neondaze 2008:
Lars Boquist – guitar, bass
Marcus Lundgren – vocals

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