Lars Boquist’s Neondaze – 2021 Review

Maybe I’m the only one in this sad and pathetic and lonely little world that reviews any kind of Metal with the same pleasure. The thing is that I’ve been in love with Metal for such a long time that labels don’t mean anything to me anymore. Of course, as you my child of the night might be aware there are some labels into Metal music that I don’t appreciate a lot.

Throught these many years of Metal music lover I had my moments of being closer and being distant and saw many changes. Unlike some may say Metal music has changed a lot during these fifty years of history since its first generation. And, as an undead thing, it’s still changing. Labels also change a lot. Here I have Lars Boquists “Neondaze” to prove my point. In the 1980s insane years of the Metal rise from the dead it would be called Hard’n’Heavy or Heavy Pop. Now they say Melodic Hard Rock. As their most of peers is “Neondaze” exciting and full of energy, yet as it may seem simple. It’s the impression it gets from the constant riff repeation. It’s a kind of music to be direct and straight. Not done to be complex. The nickname Melodic here sounds pretty appropriate as the sobgs go on. I don’t if that’s because of the name Lars Boquists but “Neondaze” sounds very Scandinavian. Yeah, my fans, there is a strong wave of Scandinavian bands that dedicate their lives to palying the good old Hard’n’Heavy, or, beter yet, Melodic Hard Rock if you wish. I’m talking about bands as TNT and Europe only to name a few. But energy as the rule as the fan may check with “Million Miles” and its contagiating guitar riff and chorus. It’s a track that will make the fan to have some spasms as head start to bang. As usual there is a ballad full of sugar and honey and the name of it is “Oullbemi Vampire” as weird as it may seem. A by the book ballad with the strummings and everything, but still interesting. “Stop Crying” has that Scorpions something hidden in the guitar riffing. Good guitar solo.

Maybe the formula is worn out. Maybe there isn’t anything new to be tried. Maybe it’s too sweet and sugared. Maybe all of them. But the thing is Hard Rock is still fun. The more I listen to new bands the more I like them.

Lars Boquists “Neondaze” was independently released on June 14th.

Track Listing:

  1. Intoxicated
  2. Live for Tonite
  3. Critical Mass
  4. Million Miles
  5. Oullbemi Vampire
  6. Stop Crying
  7. Take These Chains
  8. Evil in Mind
  9. Caroline
  10. Hold Me
  11. Livin’
  12. Traitorous

Watch “Intoxicated” official video here: