Leach – Hymns for the Hollow

I’ll make a comparison many won’t understand, and many won’t agree, but I’ll do it anyway. When I listen to Leach’s “Free from All” the first thing that comes in mind is that it’s a thrash version of the almighty Cirith Ungol due to the similarity of tone of voices and way of singing. In the following track “New Low,” though, there’s no sign of this similarity. But it called the eye. It’s an easy way to call the attention of the viewer. See how interested you got? Just in case, track four “Chapter Two” reminds a little bit, but track six “Pragmatic youth” reminds a lot. By the way, do I hear a hammering piano in “The Untouchables”?

I confess I was in a bad mood with Thrash Metal and I blame it to Metallica. Seriously. However, Leach did a great job in making me change my mind. “Hymns for the Hollow” is furious with the right dose of instrumental virtuosity.  To tell you guys the truth, Leach are a great band with their powerhouse of riffs and wraith. It’s a band that gives the step ahead Thrash Metal is in need. Leach are fierceful and ferocious as old school Thrash Metal bands, but they sound fresh and exciting as modern bands with a resourceful and creative instrumental. In fact, instrumental passages in “Hymns for the Hollow” are the highlight not only because they are interesting, but also because they dare to be different. “Do It,” for instance, uses lots of blast beats with those low-tuned and strong guitars so related to Death Metal bands. 

I wasn’t kidding when I compared Leach to Cirith Ungol. Vocals are the thing that gives Leach their personality and what makes them so cool and with a so unusual sonance. “Hymns for the Hollow” a remarkable album and a cornerstone to modern Thrash Metal. The vibe they create in the title track, “Hymns for the Hollow,” is just amazing. The contrast with acoustic instrumental and the Tim Bakerish voice calls the eye. It has the perfect dosing of anger and pain. I’m so glad I haven’t avoided them. I guess you’ll be glad at it as well. Great album, my child of the night. You won’t regret.

Leach “Hymns for the Hollow” will be self-released on January 18th.

Track Listing:

  1. The Untouchables
  2. Free from All
  3. New Low
  4. Chapter Two
  5. We Have It All
  6. Pragmatic Youth
  7. Framgångssagan
  8. End of an Era
  9. The Prey
  10. Do It
  11. Hymn for the Hollow

Watch “The Untouchables” video here: