League of Corruption – Something In the Water

Listening to League of Corruption “Something in the Water” showed me some very interesting facts. First is that Doom bands, if they want to, can be very exciting and breathtaking if they leaving behind some of their dearest features. Second is that, yeah, title track is always the most shinning and atractive track of an album. Third is that a sharp guitar with an angry and fierce vocal can change the world of Metal music, at least. Fourh is that the name League of Corruption is a killer in this world of post-truth and all politicians and everything. “Something in the Water” tells a lot too. I wouldn’t think of a better one. Fifth, well, it’s enough, isn’t it?

League of Corruption made an album with lots of stunning moods and we all know that moods tell a lot in Metal music. The care on the mooding makes “Something in the Water” something of an album. Maybe there really was something in the water. By the way, irony has lots of space in modern Metal music too, if you ask me. I dare to say that it lacks in most of the efforts we receive today. It seems that all the six tracks “Something in the Water” in are somewhat connected and the vocalist is telling a story embellished by the dazzling and precise guitar, though tuned lower than the standard proving that tuning low doesn’t necessarily means opaque. By the way, guitarist Brian Langley shines though using the oldest guitar tricks on Earth proving that shredding most of the times is pure show off.

“Something in the Water” gives a deep dive into the basics and that’s why it is so damn attractive. Its southern rock approach is also a pinnacle of their music giving them a certain charm. Maybe there really was something in the water…

League of Corruption “Something in the Water” will be released on June 12th via Black Doomba Records.

Track Listing:

  1.  Save the Church

  2. Leave Me Be

  3. Not Your Friend

  4. Something in the Water

  5. Want Me Gone

  6. Where’s Your Savior Now

Watch “Something in the Water” official video here: