Leatherback – Part 2: Regression

It’s such an honor to have the opportunity of checking out the progress of a band by reviewing two albums in a role in a little time. A couple of months ago we reviewed Leatherback “Part 1: Momentum,” and now we have the pleasure to review its following “Part 2: Regression” which is really a following. ‘Nah, you tell me!’ some may say, but that’s the real feeling. “Part 2: Regression” mantain the same elements we found in “Part 1: Momentum” which was the mix with art rock – pretty much ELP – and a kind of industrial metal mostly represented by Nine Inch Nails. But “Part 2: Regression” starts up a bit heavier and stronger. There are three tracks in a role which contain much more elements of a hard rock than art rock. Industrial metal influences beat harder in track four “Agoraphobia” (an anxiety disorder characterized by symptoms of anxiety in situations where the person perceives their environment to be unsafe with no easy way to get away). Yeah, I googled it.

The difference is so big that I have to say that there are two distinct parts in “Part 2: Regression”: one of a hard art rock (from tracks 1 to 3)  and the industrial metal part (from track 3 on).  I guess the song that represents Leatherback better is “Pull Up If I Pull Up” because it has a perfect balance of all influences that make Leatherback up. Even though its stronger electronic grip. The next track, “Breaking The Loop,” has the same loop. Ops…

On the other hand, listening to “Breaking The Loop” more carefully, I feel a slight approach to what was called jazz rock. If you change the keyboards for an electric piano, you will get a 1970 jazz rock track. Of course, I may be flat wrong, but impressions and opinions are things we are all entitled to.

Let’s wait for a third part.

Leatherback “Part 2: Regression” was self-released in July.

Track Listing:

  1. Recidivist
  2. Mr. Gumby
  3. Under the Waves
  4. Agoraphobia
  5. Pull Up If I Pull Up
  6. Breaking The Loop

Watch “Agoraphobia” official audio here: