LEATHERBACK’S MATT NEAVE On Instrumental Acts ‘You Can’t Rely On Words To Get Across The Emotion; You Have To Get Creative’

Due to the rising number of instrumental acts we are reviewing here on Metal Addicts, we decided to ask Leatherback’s mastermind Matt Neave on why so many bands are creating instrumental only albums and what is the difference on the creation process. Take a look on what he said:

“Well to start, it’s just me, kind of a one man band deal. Essentially I started off the project at the start of January because I wanted to write something I felt was different to what I’d been doing  at the time and the premise was just to write without limits, see what came out and go from there. I imagine that I will probably work on a full length at some point but there is a plan for the immediate future that I need to see through first.”

“Pretty much every song I write starts from a little kernel of an idea and builds from there, it might be a riff, it might be a synth patch I’ve been playing with or something more vague, like a vibe I want to get across. Take “Momentum”for example, I wanted to write something that just built and built rather than following the kind of verse / chorus / verse structure, so I started writing with that in mind and “Momentum” is what ended up coming out.”

“The main reason I chose to write instrumental music was again, it was something I had never done before. The most obvious difference between writing instrumental and non-instrumental is that you can’t rely on words to get across the emotion that you’re trying to convey. If you’re pissed, you can’t just scream louder, you have to get creative. It’s also another thing that I find challenging about the project, finding creative ways to keep the songs interesting without the benefit of words.”