LEATHERJACKS, A Concept That Came True

Innovative Modern Hard Rock + Wild Riffs + The Voice and Guitars of Mauro Cordeiro + an AMAZING Band = LEATHERJACKS

Think of innovation. Now, think it seemed impossible, but it happened. Finally, a dreamer decided to dare: Mauro Cordeiro, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and multi-Instrumentalist created the project that fuses the best of Modern Hard Rock with the best of Traditional Heavy Metal.

In just one year, Leather’s got its first album finished and released on April 18th, 2017, and it’s having a great fuzz in digital Rock / Metal Media Webzines, Websites and Radios worldwide.

Reviews in tons of websites such as Whiplash.net and The RockPit Australia…

Airplays at amazing radios, such as Unphiltered Radio, Spiderweb Radio and lots of other ones… It all proves that LEATHERJACKS came to stay and to embrace all Metalheads and Hard Rockers.

The first album entitled “The Lost Arks of Rock and Roll,” released in April 18th 2017 was totally written, arranged, produced, recorded (voices and all instruments) and mixed by the visionary mastermind Mauro Cordeiro.

Mastering was made by the online service eMastered in partnership with Mauro. “LeatherJacks” logo was created by Mauro Cordeiro and developed by Aurélio Lara. Album art cover done by Milena Buzinaro.

“Burning Wire,” first LeatherJacks video, was filmed and directed by Caike Scheffer.
Leather also released on December 20th, 2017 the single “I Hate To Fall In Love” that’s also having a wide repercussion.
There’s also “Persona Non Grata” and “Spells And Zombies Through The Night” singles released recently.
Lineup had to change so the band can breath and go on. But soon LeatherJacks mark will be rising!

You can listen to at Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, and Google Play.

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