Leatherjacks – The Lost Arks of Rock’n’roll

This Leatherjacks “The Lost Arks of Rock and Roll” fills in a blank in terms of heavy music. In these two years of reviewing bands it is the first time I receive a band with this proposal. I mean, what was called hard’n’heavy in the 1980s and what evolved to a more technical hard rock in the 1990s. Dr. Sin is the band that fits better to the music Leatherjacks make. More recently Ten.

Leatherjacks are a competent fusion of rock’n’roll, blues, and heavy metal. And a little dash of another lost art in the world of heavy music: swing. You don’t notice it, but it makes lots of difference. Of course, there are that natural strength of hard rock in tracks like “Burning Wire.” To listen to the swingful riff in the title track, Leatherjacks make you remember of lots of bands that came before. It makes you feel of the pure 1970s riffing, but in my opinion, it reminds a lot the mighty Saxon. The following track, “Emotions on Sale,” keeps the 1970s spirit on. Slower, but full of emotion and power, it is a track to sing along. Creative guitar phrases as well.

A more carefull listening to the entire album, you feel that besides the more technical elements of “People (We’re Chosen Ones),” “The Lost Arks of Rock and Roll” gives you what the title promises: a comprehensive view of hard rock through the last three decades. With also the needed uptempo tracks are also present as in “Do You F**king Pay My Bills.” I guess that it the impression that sticks the most. And all this made by only one man. I still get impressed on the quantity of one-man projects we receive here. Well, better be alone than in bad company.

I have to say something about the cover which is a good example of how you can at the same have a nice art work and some humor.

So, guys, Leatherjacks “The Lost Arks of Rock and Roll” is an exciting effort for those who enjoy the lost art of hard’n’heavy.

Leatherjacks “The Lost Arks of Rock and Roll” was released on April 18th, 2017.

Track Listing:

  1. People (We´re Chosen Ones)
  2. Crocodile’s Heart
  3. Burning Wire
  4. Leatherjacks
  5. Emotions on Sale
  6. The Slammer
  7. Do You F**king Pay My Bills
  8. MotoCross
  9. The Lost Arks of Rock and Roll

Watch “Burning Wire” official video here: