Leaves’ Eyes – The Last Viking Review

Some people complain when we give too much attention to prominent bands. Some say they already have all the popularity ans attention they got. However, from where I’m sitting, prominent bands are this way for a reason. They’re good, really good. Of course, it’s impossible to explain how good a band is to someone that doesn’t give a rat’s ass to them. Symphonic Metal bands sound unpalatable or inviting to many metallers for one reason or another. Well, I don’t care to explain them all here. Not enough space available.

I wrote that before in one of the many reviews I did here. In fact, it’s not enough to always remember it. Symphonic Metal bands works today as a point of entry to other metal styles. I believe that. Fans of Symphnic Metal bands flert with pop or classical music as well. Not a rule, of course, just an observation. Pop fans like it because of their singers, almost always beautiful and well-tuned powerful female voices. And, as well, for the tunes due to their pop approach. Classical music fans like them for the singers too, but for technical reasons. They appreaciate and get intrigued to how they bounce their voices the way they do in a song. They do like the musicianship as well due to its intricate and technical way. And there are the Metal fans, of course. I, for my own, like the controversies and contrasts of it. Female voices help tremendously too.

Ok, Leaves’ Eyes with “The Last Viking” fill the blanks above being one of the most prominent Symphonic Metal bands today. And it’s well deserved. The band is good, very good. “The Last Viking” is a great album with the fantastic voice of Elina Siirala. Leaves’ Eyes are like good coffee. For the ones that don’t appreciate, the taste is athe same; however, for the ones who appreciate, the details are important. The mix they do with Folk Metal gives them an epic and very emotional grip. Songs are made to sing along. I appreciate a band that does that. Not easy, my child of the night. Prominet bands are prominent due to a reason, remember? They’re good, very good indeed.

It’s a Metal tradition to try to pass the fan the feeling of a war cry in their songs. Most Metal bands like to think they are in the battle ground. Some do it very well, but Leaves’ Eyes in “The Last Viking” do it great. Easyly as in snap of fingers. 

Of course, we’ve been ther with lots of bands, but I guess there is still room for more. Leaves’ Eyes with “The Last Viking” prove it.

Leaves’ Eyes “The Last Viking” will be released on October 23rd via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Death Of A King
  2. Chain of the Golden Horn
  3. Dark Love Empress
  4. Serpents and Dragons
  5. Black Butterfly (feat. Clémentine Delauney)
  6. War of Kings
  7. For Victory
  8. Two Kings One Realm
  9. Flames in the Sky
  10. Serkland
  11. Varangians
  12. Night of the Ravens
  13. The Last Viking
  14. Break into the Sky of Aeon

Watch “Dark Love Empress” official music video here:


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