Lectern – Deheadment For Betrayal

Time goes by, many things change, but there are things that don’t change at all. Some bands refuse to give up an inch to what some people – who consider themselves guardians of the good taste – call good music. As a matter of fact, what they call good music is nothing else than a huge pile of crap these days. One of the things that makes Metal great is that metallers are inflexible to some kind of change. In English: some bands refuse to be sell-outs. Here we’ve got a band with a story. Lectern have been around since 1999, but they have released only six albums, three EPs and three full-lengths. Lectern’s deal is a straight-ahead death metal with lots of blast beats and harsh low-tuned vocals. Vocals are more aggressive than instrumental. A not so common variation of death metal. Bands rather have a more aggressive instrumental with a harsh low-toned vocals. Lectern’s instrumental approach is very neat because they vary tempos. There are enough pace and tempo variation in “Deheadment For Betrayal.” This kind of variation shows how resourceful a band is. Mixing extreme-velocity tempo with near doomy isn’t for every band. It takes some guts.

Lectern are a band with guts because through the years they have remained faithful and loyal to the music they like. “Deheadment For Betrayal” is an album that goes straight to the subject. This eight-tracked album is the object of desire to many death metallers around. It’s strong and mean. Lectern leave no doubts of what they are meant to be. Take a look at the art cover. The killing machine is rough and ready to go. “Deheadment For Betrayal” isn’t for whom has a weak stomach. It is for the strong at heart.

Lectern “Deheadment For Betrayal” was released in April via Via Nocturna Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Deheadment For Betrayal
  2. Placid Must Defunct
  3. Daedal Of Thy Wrath Unchrist Altar
  4. Provvid As Gemel Confessors
  5. Leals Shalt Kill
  6. Perturb in Lamb Thronal
  7. Dogmatician Of Predicator
  8. Pamphlet Spawn At Gelid Crypt Satan

Watch “Leals Shalt Kill” video here: