LECTERN “Fratricidal Concelebration” To Be Released In January


Fratricidal Concelebration, the fourth album by Death Metal band from Italy, Lectern, will be released in first weeks of January via Sliptrick Records. Nine songs and half an hour of old school death metal, recorded at The Outer Sound Studios.

Their last, self-entitled EP, was released in January this year with a concert in Finland.

Some of their songs from Fratricidal Concelebration can be streamed at band’s Reverbnation site and album can be ordered here.

Fratricidal Concelebration track list is as follows:

1. Fratricidal Concelebration
2. Labial Of Inveigher
3. Genuflect For Baptismal Transubstantiation
4. Falsifier Bribed In Desanctification
5. Pulpit Of Tormentation
6. Lordless
7. Deign Of Ceremonier
8. Golgothanean
9. Libidinal Tabernacles