LECTERN’S FABIO BAVA ‘Death Metal Is For A Certain Audience, And Not For The Masses, Simply It’s Not For Everyone!

Metal Addicts had the honor to interview Lectern’s Fabio Bava and he said what he thinks about Death Metal being so extreme. Read his words:

Death metal is for a certain audience, and not for the masses, and simply it’s not for everyone! Everything is not mainstream, belongs only to a certain and restricted circle. We are and we won’t be for everyone! And that’s for first! It’s lifestyle, something you cannot change, if you change its meaning, it’s not death metal anymore, you know! It’s hard to explain! If you don’t want death metal, you can search elsewhere! You all must! When death metal changes, it won’t express its ferocity no f**king more! There is music and music, death metal is only a part of heavy metal, an issue from the extreme side of rock ‘n roll! Death metal extremizes music beyond its whole recognition, through all the notes you can use! Vocals, solos, riffs and structures follow all the footsteps of insanity. There are rules, but first of all, we all follow the laws of madness!

When asked about Italy’s Metal scene, he replied:

Someone really believes we have the best death metal bands around, as Mike Poggione of Monstrosity told me while we opened for Incantation in Latvia. Now, we have new summer festivals for metal and all the alternative rock scene, and that is the awake we all we were waiting for, but we need the support. Support is for bands, but mainly for the fans! I find that the increase of the prices for ticket, merchandise and all the stuff, it’s absolutely ridiculous! If I come back to the bands, well, the success of stuff like Fleshgod Apocalypse is amazing and at least, unbelievable but really deserved!

Watch “Leals Shalt Kill” official lyric video here: