LEGACY OF EMPTINESS Pays Homage To Edgar Allan Poe With ‘Evening Star’ Song

LEGACY OF EMPTINESS paid homage to the master of horror Edgar Allan Poe with their new song “Evening Star”. Song also features Swedish musician Dan Swanö (EDGE OF SANITY, NIGHTINGALE, WITHERSCAPE) on guitar, who also undertook the mastering.

LEGACY OF EMPTINESS’ new album offers a wide spectrum of sound barriers that might attract anyone who’s a fan of the old school hammer horror films, or just the ones who is into the more symphonic side of Norway’s famous black metal scene, LEGACY OF EMPTINESS spare to expenses in bringing in the bombastic and harsh nature of its style.

Over the Past comes out June 12th via Black Lion Records. You can pre-order a copy at this location.

The band comments: “‘Evening Star’ was composed by Eddie Risdal all the way back in 1996 when we went under the name of ‘Permafrost’ but never got any further than some demos. We gave the song a heavy makeover for this album, but the essence is as it [was]. As with most of our songs from that time, we used lyrics from the dark master Edgar Allan Poe. It sticks out a bit from the rest of the album with its rock ‘n rollish riffs, but in our humble opinion we think it really has stood the test of time.”

They elaborate a bit further: “We also left some space in the song for Dan Swanö to put his ‘signature’ on the work he did with the album, as we did with ‘Onward!’ on our previous album, and he came up with this absolute gem of a guitar solo. If someone told us back then that 20 years from now Dan Swanö is going to do a guest appearance on this, we probably would have imploded. To us there’s a bit of symbolism to have this fairly old track on a brand new album. On our self-titled album we had mainly songs from the past and only one brand new, ‘Onward!’ On this one it’s the opposite. Eight brand new compositions and only one from the past, ‘Evening Star.’

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