Legendarium – Death’s Hand in Yours Review

In the mood for an album that stands out of the crowd? Well, me too. Sometimes in the beginning of the review week I keep loooking for albums to review first. In my search, I look for albums that immediately tell me something else. This something else may be many things. It’s really hard to tell because in mind I do’nt really have a rule. Or, just maybe, I have many rules or no rule at all. By review week I mean when I finish all the albums scheduled for a week and start the other. As a rule, albums are released in a Friday and organize them in files with the release date. So, when I finish all the albums scheduled for a week I start the other. Most times I go looking for the albums that attract me the most. That’s why I chose Legendarium “Death’s Hand in Yours.” I was attracted first for the raw sonancy and the overtones. Then for the unique presentation of the album where the ten tracks are completely different from the other. There’s no link among them at all. That’s a pretty good reason for liking an album, if you ask me.

At first, my dear child of the night might think Legendarium are a Power Metal band. I thought so too. In fact, album welcomer “Death’s Hand in Yours” and “Arcane Magics of Ancient Origins” will agree with the thought. But in “Arcane Magics of Ancient Origins” the fan will notice something different that isn’t only the medievalish intro with flutes but the vocals that address to some 1980’s post punk band. The contrast with the Metal instrumentals is remarkable and gives the spice the track needs. Following track “The Demonic” is a totally different story because it sounds much more as early Running Wild and Grave Digger with those nieve guitar solos and the raw and dirty overtones. By the way, the guitars in “Death’s Hand in Yours” tell a very interesting story not only for the mentioned above but because to some extent they sound as if they were connected sonehow to Ramones’s overtones. As I talked about it, vocals in “Caelador, Destroyer” sound too much as Ramones during the “Poison Heart” era. Intriguing album, isn’t it? The biurning question now is how can a band mix all those traits in only one album. Well, Legendarium could. But hold your horses, “…And All Shall Perish” sounds much different as well with its raw Black Metal influences. The track could be included in any 1980’s Blackened Thrash Death Metal band.

It’s incredible to think that the band is composed of only two persons being Legendarium the outcome of modern tecnology which allows musicians to record their albums in a very unique way. Maybe, just maybe that’s why the songs here don’t have any lyrical link. For instance, “Black Magic,Touch of Evil” has more of that post punk influence with those strumming guitars as lead. Intriguing album. Very intriguing album I must say.

Legendarium “Death’s Hand in Yours” will be released on November 11th.

Track Listing:

  1. Death’s Hand in Yours
  2. Arcane Magics of Ancient Origins
  3. The Demonic
  4. Caelador, Destroyer
  5. …And All Shall Perish
  6. Black Magic/Touch of Evil
  7. Killing Fields
  8. Agrippa
  9. Immortal
  10. The Ritual of the Thousand Skulls

Watch “Death’s Hand in Yours” official video here: