Legendary Guitarist RANDY RHOADS Was Arrested When He Was 15 Accused Of Playing Too Loud

In a conversation with Metal VoiceQuiet Riot co-founder and ex-bassist, Kelly Garni, revealed that guitarist Randy Rhoads was once arrested for playing his guitar too loud when he was 15 years-old.

He said:

“We were 12 years old at the time – Randy made me into a bass player and together we had this dream of becoming rock stars. We did not like hate, adversity, differences, people not getting along or people judging others.

‘Also, there were many times when me and Randy got thrown in jail for some things. We got thrown in jail for being out too late, being in the wrong place at the wrong time and being drunk.

“Randy even got arrested once for playing his guitar too loud in his house. Me and Randy were jamming in his house, a cop showed up and said the neighbors were pressing charges because we were playing too loud.

“Then the cop put Randy in handcuffs, into the police car and then to jail. He was 15 years old.

“There were also some more circumstances that pissed the neighbors off that aggravated it all that lead to do this as well. But we learned our lesson and did not annoy the neighbors anymore. “

Asked if it was Randy’s older brother Kelle who exposed them both to the world of rock music, Garni replied:

“I have to say that Randy’s brother influenced us in lots of ways not only in music. He was older than us and he was a lot like us.

“Kelle was wearing all these cool clothes and we kind-of emulated him. Then musically, he had played in bands and me and Randy would be roadies for them just to be around the music and to be at the parties.

“So we watched his brother doing this and we said we can do this too and so we did. Kelle Rhoads also introduced us to a band called Alice Cooper and we really liked the way the band looked. Kelle Rhoads then brought us to see Alice Cooper which was our first real concert and we thought we want to be and strive to be like them.”

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