Legendary Guitarist TONY IOMMI Is (Maybe) Preparing A New Solo Album

You can take away the guy from the band, but you can never take the band from the guy. Once you are in the crossfire, there’s no away of not fighting back. That’s Tony Iommi’s motto. It seems that retiring isn’t the word he has ever considered.

During an question-and-answer session prior to the August 19 screening of BLACK SABBATH‘s landmark documentary “The End Of The End” at the U.K.’s Whitley Bay Film Festival, guitarist Tony Iommi was asked by presenter Chris Phipps if he is working on any new music at the moment.

The Riff Master said:

“I’m still putting stuff together,” Iommi replied (see video below). “I’m still writing stuff; I’ve put ideas down on tapes. When all this nice, sunny weather goes and it gets grim, I shall start going in the studio and putting it down.”

“My engineer, who I had for everything with me at home, he’s just done JUDAS PRIEST‘s album. Now he’s finished that, and we’ll hopefully start again and put some ideas down. I don’t know what it’s gonna be yet — whether it’ll be an instrumental album. I’ve been approached by a lot of people to do something with them.”

Watch the full interview here: