Legendary Jazz Drummer Hits METALLICA’s ‘Enter Sandman’ for the First Time And Loves It

Drumeo asked legendary jazz drummer Larnell Lewis to play Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.” Ok, that’s no news at all because Drumeo and Larnell Lewis have this project of making him listen for a song for the first time and then play it. Larnell Lewis swears that he’s never listened to the song before, and you and me may doubt that but he said do more than once.

There are some things that spark the interest here. First, it is to pay close attention the process he does to perform the song. He listens very carefully the song and tries to understand what’s going on. Many people may askthink this is piece of cake because Jazz drummers are considered to be the best of all and simply they could play just anything. Nah, not like that. Of course, a pro drummer like him with lots of experience knows that there are conventions to be followed and he trustes them. But if my fan pays close attention he’s actually interested in the song and pays close attention to everything that happens. Sometimes his approval faces are undeniable and – that’s for you that claims that Lars is a terrible drummer – he gets amazed – to say the least – with what he listens. Not do many metallers know that but Jazz drummers usually respect Metal drummers not only for the strength they have to show but also because of the incredible things they do in such a fast way. Moreover, there are parts of the song that he really doesn’t get what’s going on – in positive way, my child of the night. In no time he mocked the song or Lars’ abilities or neither the genre. He showed genuinely respect and interest for the song.

Ok, you think Lars sucks. I do too, but not for the performing. And remember what Larnell Lewis said “You don’t have to put yourself in a box. […] At the end of the day it’s respecting the music.”

Watch the video here:

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