Legendry – Dungeon Calling

This is certainly my last review here… This year, little fools… hahahahahahahahahaha

And nothing better than an epic sound to make the end of the year better. I have nothing to complain about this holy year of 2017. It has been a great for us here at Metal Addicts. For the desperation of haters, Metal showed us that it is pretty well alive. Man, you know how I pitty you. Metal is stronger than you ever expected. Bands poped up from all around questo mondo maledeto. Great bands, by the way. So, fashionists, go counting on Metal’s last year, it won’t be 2017, and certainly will not be 2018.

As I wrote before, this Legendry “Dungeon Calling” is an epic sound. Allow me to add nostalgic. This “Dungeon Calling” shows lots of Metal sonic influences around the ages. There is a great 1970s feeling in some songs. Guitars are strong and cohesive. Vocals are strengthful and well tuned. The rythmic session is also great.

“Dungeon Calling” is an album that arises lots of emotions. From the very beginning of HM until the most modern, Legendry really knew how to make their choices in “Dungeon Calling.” There are even some surprises as the organ in the middle of “The Conjurer” which is so seventish that reminds a cartoon opening theme. By the way, “The Conjurer” is the second longest track in “Dungeon Calling.” The first is the tittle track, “Dungeon Calling,” which is a tour around Legendry resources. It is the invitation card to the album. “Dungeon Calling” shows everything Legendry got in its ten minutes.

If there is a track that could mesmerize you that is “Shadows In The Moonlight” with its fast and hypnotic pace and guitar riff. The next song, “Swords f Zeus” has also an hypnotic guitar riff and a catchy chorus. Bottomline, this Legendry “Dungeon Calling” is a memorable album. No old school metalhead is allowed to complain that there are no good bands as in the good old times. As I wrote in another review, Metal has never been away from the good old times.

Well then haters, suck your fingers! There is always Rihanna for you!

P.S.: I have to get another example. At least Rihanna is hot!

Track Listing:

  1. Dungeon Crawler

  2. Quest For Glory

  3. Rogues In The House

  4. A Witch Is Born

  5. The Conjurer

  6. Shadows In The Moonlight

  7. Swords Of Zeus

  8. The Edge Of Time

You can purchase, and listen to Legendry “Dungeon Calling” at Bandcamp.

Watch “Quest For Glory” official video here: