Lethaeos – Pillar of Hope

 In the world of death metal, there are so many different branching paths that if you’re anyone like me then you’ve heard a lot of what’s out there. Not all, naturally, but a lot. So, you really come to be in the search for albums that are really a stand out from the rest, and it can become real weary at times when you find yourself in a drought like I’ve been lately. However, there’s always that break-through, and for me, Lethaeos is that break-through for me. Their latest album of “Pillar of Hope” is precisely that – a record the likes of which stands as a reminder that there’s still loads of potential to be had in the global death metal scene and that we merely near to seek it out. This entire eight-track album is a real entertaining piece that goes all over the board as there’s a plethora of intensity yet set right alongside it are brilliantly crafted songs that even bands who’ve been going at it for years fail to pull off even once, but Lethaeos demonstrate that they’re clearly above such groups. To try and encapsulate “Pillar of Hope” into two simple words would lead me to the solution of “organized chaos”. There’s tons of madness to be had with this record, but they way that Lethaeos manages to perform it is pretty f**king immaculate, if I do say so myself, with each song being a very nice display of death metal that has plenty of variety and power to it throughout “Pillar of Hope” that you never hear anywhere near the same song twice and each track is one that is very enjoyable, to say the least. While this is obviously far from the most impressive piece that I’ve heard, I’ve no regrets whatsoever after listening to “Pillar of Hope” and hearing what splendor Lethaeos has to offer, and it’s the type of s**t that I’d happily come crawling back to many times. I suggest that you do the same, for I am positive when I say that “Pillar of Hope” is but the tip of the grand iceberg that Lethaeos is keeping hidden under their sleeves.

You can listen to “Pillar of Hope” on SoundCloud here, and purchase some delicious, delicious merchandise through bigcartel.com here.

Track Listing:

  1. It Comes
  2. They Conspire
  3. Visceral
  4. Impur Wind Whistles
  5. Waves of Sand
  6. Few Pale Stars
  7. Pillar of Hope
  8. Painless I Leave This World