Lethal Steel – Running from the Dawn

I’m perfectly aware that it is not possible to change the course of things. Nature doesn’t stand still, nor the universe. There is always some movement, some change. What I am fiercely against is the change just for change’s sake, to change things just because. Or forcing a change because some say change is good. Of course it is. But some things are not to change, or should change slowly. See what happened to the record industry due to the forced change of media they so eagerly made us go through. The outcome? The industry has been in the ICU for at least ten years. Fun fact is that Metal music, which is understood as conservative, is still alive and well. Of course, not as well as it was in the golden years, but the fall wasn’t that hard as it was for others. Metal fans are still buying CDs for the despair of haters and all.

Lethal Steel with “Running from the Dawn” represent this feeling of denying and resisting to change. For Metal fans the message is clear “This is our music. Keep your hands off!” If this CD were to be analysed by a pop fan the word dinasaur would certainly pop up as the music that strikes the ears is the good old American Power Metal. A subgenre that had its rise about thirty years ago. Nah, too old for the pop. But we metallers really don’t care. Lethal Steel show all the power and passion and heart during the four tracks of “Running from the Dawn.” In fact, the four tracks have the same drive which is speed and sonorous violence even though this sonorous violence has been diminished if compared to other Metal subgenres. But still, it pleases the fan.

Due to the exiguity of tracks – they are only four with the usual Power Metal length of songs, not the Doom one -, it is very difficult to spark only one. As I love opening tracks, I’ll take “Weekday Refugee” as my preferred. I liked the chorus very much and I can’t take it out of my mind. To be honest, all four tracks have memorable choruses, but this one is stronger.

“Running from the Dawn” is an album which will please the metaller and enrage the pop fan. Does anyone want anything else?

Lethal Steel “Running from the Dawn” will be released on March 27th via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Weekday Refugee
  2. Stay Away
  3. Ge Allt
  4. City Of Sin

Watch “Weekday Refugee” official music video: