Leviathan – Of Origins Unearthed

I really don’t like that expression ‘I told so’ because it sounds so motherish. When I hear it I see a mother with her fingers pointing at me; ‘I told so’. But I have to use it here because I’ve telling for a long time that Metal is evolving. And it’s evolving fast. That’s the very first thing that comes to my mind when I hear bands like Leviathan and their “Of Origins Unearthed” due to the level of excellence they have reached. This album is the living proof that musical competence and emotion can walk together. One needs the other because the technique allows you to express in a better way your emotion. And there’s no point in writing music with no emotion.

The music we find in “Of Origins Unearthed” is complex, but exciting. Leviathan found the perfect match of Speed Metal and Death Metal keeping a safe distance to Melodeth. I say that because I love Melodeth. It was Melodeth which brought me into Extreme Metal, but some bands were getting so predictable. Leviathan may be everything, but not predictable. Track after track you’ll never guess what’s coming next. A fast or slow paced, clean or gritty vocals, acoustic or fuzzy guitars, bottomline, Leviathan are always a surprise. As the flamenco guitar and the castanets in “Come Forth, Leviathan!” which sounds amazing.

Leviathan have the gift of mixing together speed, folk, and extreme Metal. “Of Origins Unearthed” is also an album that surprises due to the excellency of its neat production. The album sounds so good, so pristine. Jule Dahs’s voice does a very good contrast to fast paced songs. Her Doroish tone of voice also gives a personal touch to Leviathan’s music. As I said before, Metal is evolving, and evolving fast. The contrast we find in tracks like “Beyond Stars” is what I’m talking about. Drummer Tobias Parke also does a damn good job in keeping the pace with some creative blast beats and fillings. The dude fits really well into Leviathan’s intent. The vocal duet in “Keep Going” is also fantastic with a chorus of the kind that brings you up and make you sing along.

Amazing album, boys and girls. Some minutes of pure pleasure. It’s worth the time and the bucks.

Leviathan “Of Origins Unearthed” was self-released on October 03rd.

Track Listing:

  1. Back to Zero
  2. Beyond the Stars
  3. Proclamation of Death
  4. Keep Going
  5. The Eye of the Storm
  6. Lake of Blood
  7. Sorrow
  8. Come Forth, Leviathan!
  9. Whatever

Watch “Proclamation of Death” official lyric video here: