Lewis & The Strange Magics – Evade Your Soul

Do you want to hear where did heavy metal take pretty of its influences?

Lewis & The Strange Magics will provide you the answer.

Lewis & The Strange Magics remind a time when music was brilliant. Oh, boy, how I missed those jazzy guitar lines. The distorted Moog organs. The clean and full of style guitars riffing full chorded doing that scretchy rhythm that we only hear from the 1970s. Lewis & The Strange Magics do a typical 1970s rock. Heavy and dense, full of overdrive, but still with some sweetness and naiveness. Those who appreciate the first Metal years, who have listened to the very first efforts of Rush, Judas Priest, and of course Led Zeppelin and Uriah Heep will get exactly what I’m saying. With a bit more of a hearing, one can taste some The Doors also. Though I don’t consider Lewis & The Strange Magics with “Evade Your Soul” is a protometal band. It’s much more a psychelidic rock. But take this for granted: psychelidec rock is one of the origins of Metal.

As I said before, only noncommercial music can get fresh sounds from old vibes. With no pressure to make a hit, because there’s, unfortunately, no room for this kind of music in today’s media. That’s exactly Lewis & The Strange Magics deal with “Evade Your Soul.” A fresh old vibe. One may call Lewis & The Strange Magics dinosaurs, outdated, or better yet, nostalgic. But the truth is that we simply don’t care. Good music is always good music, and Lewis & The Strange Magics with “Evade Your Soul” is very good music. Even though they are far away from Metal done today.

I don’t if that’s because I’m getting old, nostalgic, and soft, I see with very good eyes efforts like “Evade Your Soul.” Sometimes it’s so good to remind where it all came from. Lewis & The Strange Magics with “Evade Your Soul” would be a great release around 1970 and 1974, before the  misfortune of the disco revolution. Music has been losing too much since that. So long live Lewis & The Strange Magics. We’re looking forward to your next move. It’s not everyday that we hear so precious songs like “Lisa Melts The Wax.”

Track Listing:

  1. Leaving Myself
  2. Ugly Face
  3. TV Monsters
  4. Lisa Melts The Wax
  5. Out Of My Home
  6. You’ll Be Free Forever
  7. RMS
  8. Escape
  9. Another Lonely Soul (On The Road)

Lewis & The Strange Magics will do their magic on October 20th via Soulseller Records.

Watch “You’ll Be Free Forever” official video here: