LICUATION Releases New EP, ‘Torment of the Morgue’

Finnish Death/Thrash Metal band LICUATION have released their debut EP “Torment of the Morgue” on December 7, 2016. The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by SN-AUDIO PRODUCTION by Sami Niittykoski and Teemu Liekkala.

“Torment of the Morgue” track listing:

1. Forgotten to Curse
2. Torment of the Morgue
3. Shining for Atrocities
4. Primitive End

LICUATION  was formed at Kuopio, Finland in 2014 by  Esa Laukkanen (bass),  Samu Reijonen (drums),  Teemu  Tick (guitars),  Jani Nevasalmi (guitars) and  Veeti Heiskanen (vocals).