Lifelost – Dialogues From Beyond

First things first, Lifelost is a great name for a Black Metal band. Have you ever wondered how many people think their lives are lost? That there’s no meaning in their lives? Uncountable, isn’t it? Yeah, me too. Ok, now let’s take a deep look into the album’s name: “Dialogues From Beyond.” Bottomline, we have a Black Metal band, thus a profane band, that still, believe that there is life after death. Iron Maiden did it too. But they meant the egyptian religion. As far as I know, very few religions accept the fact of existing a life after death. But they do believe in angels, demons, and other sort of immaterial beings. Funny, isn’t it?

Ok, now let’s musicwise. Lifelost are a very different kind of Black Metal from the one I reviewed yesterday. They’re straight ahead and ferocious. Machine-gun drumming and blast beats are all around. Guitars and bass follow the same speed limit, or try. Ah, forgot to mention that Lifelost is a one-man project. The mastermind answers by the moniker of Phlegeton, a member of Wormed. Lifelost are a 1980’s vibe Black Metal in a matter of instrumental. The voices, yeah, I said voices are in the background in most songs. On purpose. The idea is to be as a dialogue from beyond in all its confusion, fear, somber, and dark. Or do you think tormented souls speak easily and calmly? I guess not, my child of the night.

Songs like “Incorporeal Gate” promote a musical chaos. And it is so. An organized chaos, I must say. But a chaos anyway. An interest fact about “Incorporeal Gate” is that the bass seems to be having a conversation with the listener. Pay close attention. Voice and bass seem to be in unison. Great idea. Guitars have a change by the end of the song. It uses higher notes in order to create a disturbing sonic experience. More chaos to the chaos. That’s the idea.

“Dialogues From Beyond” is a disturbing, but defying album. It messes up with your senses if you don’t stay with your feet down and safe. That’s the idea.

Lifelost “Dialogues From Beyond” will be released on October 28th via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Malign Emanatio
  2. Sepulchral Vault
  3. Released from Life
  4. Metanoia
  5. Incorporeal Gate

Watch “Released from Life” official video here: