Light the Torch – You Will Be The Death of Me Review

It really beats me the criteria PRs use to label a band in the press release they send us. However, in this very particular case of Light the Torch and “You Will Be The Death of Me” this feeling went away while listening the album track by track. At first I didn’t agree with the label metalcore because of the vocals which from where I’m standing are very good to be considered metalcore. My fan here knows how I feel about metalcore, huh? No need for saying any more, is there?

It’s interesting how the album gets more and more metalcore track by track. The first impression with “More Than Dreaming” was that the band had some hints of modern metal, but with the prominence of Heavy Metal due to the aforementioned vocals of Howard Jones. The album progresses in a strong and persistent and resilient way into more features of of what is called metal core. Besides that and above all that there are tracks which have amazing guitar riffs as “More Than Dreaming” and “Something Deep Inside” and, wow, they have even guitar solos. I say that about the guitar riffing because in metal guitar riffs are kind of hidden in the fuzz and buzz of electronic effects and all. It’s a feature that many metalcore bands adhere and, I guess, it’s one of the things that give it its personality. To be frank, i’ts not everything that I dislike on metalcore. The riffing and vocals in “Denying the Sin” are typical even though I like the punch and power they have. In fact, “You Will Be The Death of Me” has many radio oriented tracks as “Come Back to the Quicksand” and more notably “Sign Your Name” among others. Well, radio I really don’t, but Spotify or others I’m really sure. 

“You Will Be The Death of Me” has an interesting bouncing between Heavy Metal and metalcore and this is the most interesting feature about it. Vocals are the main reason that my attention was sparked to it, if you ask me. My fan knows that I try very hard to be strictly fair when I write a review about a metalcore band. I confess that sometimes I willingly avoid them, but I always give them a try. That’s what happened here with Light the Torch and “You Will Be The Death of Me.”

Light the Torch “You Will Be The Death of Me” will be released on June 25th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Track Listing:

  1. More Than Dreaming
  2. Let Me Fall Apart
  3. End of the World
  4. Wilting in the Light
  5. Death of Me
  6. Living with a Ghost
  7. Become the Martyr
  8. Something Deep Inside
  9. I Hate Myself
  10. Denying the Sin
  11. Come Back to the Quicksand
  12. Sign Your Name

Watch “Let Me Fall Apart” official video here: