LINKIN PARK ‘Has Started Talking About Making New Music’

Linkin Park

In an interview with Yonhap News, LINKIN PARK turntablist Joe Hahn has revealed that the band “has started talking about making new music together” following the death of singer Chester Bennington in 2017.

Hahn said:

“He [Chester] was our best friend. I miss him. The members are taking care of themselves and their families and are going through the problems in their own way. And… Now the band has started talking about making new music together.”

When asked if LINKIN PARK will ever come back, he responded:

“Maybe in about 10 years? [Laughs] It might be sooner. I don’t want to set a deadline.

“We just want to focus on the present and talk about music. We aren’t discussing detailed plans. I just want to go back to those days when I made music in the garage.”

Bennington died by suicide on July 20, . He was 41.