LionSoul To Release Second Album ‘Welcome Storm’

Bergamo, the capital of the province of the same name, and nestled in Lombardy, is one of the most attractive tourist destinations of northern Italy. In the future this town will also be connected to the power metal quintet LionSoul who now present their second long player with “Welcome Storm”. On it, the band pushes their style into driving tracks which are clearly influenced by the European power metal elite. LionSoul are definitely a positive exception on the Italian scene – they stay away from the typical scheme of things which take the form of very high vocals, fast riffing and classical-bombastic, exaggerated keyboard parts. “Welcome Storm” is power metal as it should be – heavy, lively, raw and still melodic.

Fans of European classical power metal will find nine great metal songs on “Welcome Storm”, all of which glowing with impressive power chords and impressive vocals. Now and again certain American influences creep through, such as the lightly progged “Next Genesis”. The powerful “The Thunder Master” drives the listener along with it and its encompassing chorus sticks out like a fist in the air. The almost six minute long “Iron Whispers”, and “Bright As Light” prove the the band, despite their pure power metal roots are capable of writing varied, exciting songs which are given the quintet’s own special touch. Ivan Castelli’s vocals are harmonic yet powerful, rounding off each track perfectly. “Welcome Storm” is an exciting, impressive beeindruckendes power metal statement made by this young band from Bergamo, and something which is a welcome addition to the power metal scene.

01. Beyond Dusk
02. The Principal Warrior
03. Next Genesis
04. Gatling Sight
05. Bright As Light
06. Iron Whispers (feat. Alessandro Del Vecchio)
07. The Thunder Master
08. A Common Forever
09. Welcome Storm (Eternal Quest)
10. Lion’s Throne

– Second album by the power metal band
– Style in the tradition of European power metal bands with high levels of melodics.
– Live shows with Gamma Ray, Iron Savior, Kissin’ Dynamite etc.
– First class, clear, ass-kicking production setting a perfect base for the twin guitars.
– Produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Alessandro Del Vecchio (Edge Of Forever, Hardline, Graham Bonnet Band, Lionville, Sunstorm)

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