Listen To New AVENGED SEVENFOLD Song ‘We Love You’

Avenged Sevenfold 2023

AVENGED SEVENFOLD has unveiled a fresh track titled “We Love You,” which serves as a tribute to o decrying the rat race.

A frenetic dynamic rollercoaster riddled with hooks, peaks and valleys, the track latest comes with an innovative 360 VR music video. The band’s highly anticipated eighth album, Life Is But a Dream…, drops June 2 via Warner.

“More power, more pace, more money, more taste,” singer M. Shadows delivers the unforgettable lyrics that relate to what keeps us pushing and being the motivators and destroyers of our self and reality. The song depicts the forced feeling our society pushes on us to consume, push, stretch and empty everything we can, if not halted result in possibly our own downfall. AVENGED SEVENFOLD are masters at dynamic transitions over the course of one song, and this is no exception.

The music video for “We Love You” is no less ambitious. Artist Ryan McKinnon, using Unreal Engine, has crafted an enveloping, innovative visual experience which has been optimized for Oculus in VR and 360 on YouTube. The visualizer begins in the peaceful natural world, before the pressure of society takes over and the world starts building at a crazy pace.

“We Love You” comes after AVENGED SEVENFOLD‘s earlier hit and comeback, “Nobody,” which featured an impressive stop-motion video by Chris Hopewell, reaching No. 1 Trending on YouTube and accumulating over four million views so far. Since its debut in mid-March, the song has garnered close to 12 million combined streams.