LITA FORD: ‘I Had Affairs With A Lot Of Guitar Players And Lead Singers In The Music Industry’

Lita Ford

During a recent appearance on Detroit’s WRIF 101.1 FM radio station, Lita Ford was asked if pop superstar Madonna is someone she would consider to be one of the “sexiest” performers out there, to which Lita responded: “She just never held back. She just let it fly. She had one scene where she would get into a bed on stage and m**tur**te in front of the audience. How crazy. That’s something I don’t think I could have done. Maybe faked it — but she’s gotta have the trophy for the No. 1 sex on stage and songs and videos; she was always so sexy.

“At the time, it was something that was before its time and hard to put across to people, but now it’s spoken about very openly, and I love that,” she continued. “It should be — it’s part of human nature.”

Ford also talked about the connection between s*x and music, saying: “Rock and roll is so s*xual. If you’re singing rock and roll, people are just, ‘Ah! He’s so hot!’ ‘Well, he’s wearing a turtleneck sweater. I don’t see what [makes him hot].’ Yeah, he’s hot. Why? Because he’s singing rock and roll.”

According to Lita, she and other musicians from the 1980s openly embraced the s*x and drugs typically associated with the rock-and-roll lifestyle of the era. “Everybody was just going crazy with the s*x,” she recalled. “Look at bands like POISON. They would have a room full of girls after the show, and Bret [Michaels] and C.C. [DeVille] and all the guys from POISON, they would just pick a couple of girls — not one; two or three — and they would make the others go back out into the audience, and they would have their way. And the girls loved it; they would have the time of their life. It was just a real crazy time.

“And with me, I always went with the rock stars,” she added. “I got off on that, because everybody else was going with the groupies, and here I am going with the rock stars. ‘Cause I was one of the only females out there. I was touring with all these guys and I was working with all these guys and meeting them at nightclubs and parties. It was awesome.”

Asked if she thinks she ended up hooking up with the rock stars because they had so much in common with her, Lita said: “I think people just naturally do that anyway. If you’re in school, you’re gonna attract someone who’s also in that same school. If you’re in a job, if you’re working as a doctor, you’re probably gonna attract the nurses.

“If you’re an attorney, you’re probably gonna attract other female attorneys or male attorneys or the secretaries. It just kind of goes that way. If you’re a rock band, you’re gonna attract other singers or guitar players. And I did. I had an affair with a lot of guitar players in the music industry and a lot of lead singers in the music industry.”