Loch Vostok – Strife

It’s hard when you finally notice that you’ve been misusing a word. Not the best feeling, I must tell you, my dear readers. You feel like a complete nothing. As if all your school years were for nothing.

I’ve been using the word hodgepodge for a bunch of bands, but when I got Loch Vostok to review, I noticed that I’ve been misusing it. You can hear all modern metal features in “Strife.” Is the outcome bad? No, not really if you’re into modern metal stuff. If one hears first track, “Babylonia Groove,” by its title, they will be deceived at all. There’s no groove in it. Still a good track, but no groove in it. The way I see groove, of course. I’m not aware of the modern meaning of it. Second track, “Summer,” is more aggressive. There’s more punch in it with some melodical stops that highlight the atmosphere. “Summer” is a track that with some sort of plot twists in it. It changes radically the pace. One can can as five Metal styles in it. I didn’t, but do as you please. As for “Strife,” it’s an effort with lots of plot twists.

I completely agree with leadsinger/guitarist, Teddy Möller when he tells, as it is: “Expect the unexpected. Djent, modern progressive, dark, gloomy, groovy, doom, black metal, pop and
ridiculously heavy.” Yeah, right. “Strife” is an effort of changes. Expect big changes in it. Not really my thing, but it gets interesting sometimes. The diverse is always welcome. Even more in terms of extreme heavy music. Yeah, “Strife” gets extreme in tracks like “The Apologists Are The Enablers.” I’m not really sure of what Loch Vostok mean with that, but okay then.

So guys, if you want something really different and chalenging, here’s Loch Vostok “Strife,” which will be released on November 24th via ViciSolum Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. Babylonian Groove
  2. Summer
  3. The Apologists Are The Enablers
  4. Cadence
  5. Forever
  6. Yurei
  7. Purpose
  8. Ventilate
  9. Consumer
  10. Expiry Date Of The Soul Of Man

Watch “Summer” official video here: