Lodestar – Event Horizon Review

This week’s releases proved me that I’m right about my thoughts that promoters and record companies agree on a day to put out their same style releases. After the third Doom Metal album in a role I seriously considered this to be the real truth. Third? Hm… Maybe I lost track of how many, but three is no scandal. Just me that that have some serious struggles with Doom Metal. Being faithful to my scientific method of picking an album to release I got this Lodestar “Event Horizon” because of its position in my file. Last to be precise. What? I’m sincere. After the initial seconds of the album I realized it would be the same slow cadenced, shoegazed stoned Doom Metal as always but then comes Kate Glock’s vocals and everything changes. I don’t you my dear child of the night, but I don’t many Doom Metal bands with female vocals. I got stuck with it because her voice reminds me of some other vocalist but I can’t exactly remember who. Her voice added to the sludge and hard fuzz oriented instrumentals gave another meaning to the album. To be more precise it’s the contrast between her almost pop oriented voice with the slow fuzz guitars that attracted me the most.

A especial highlight to “Godspeed” where Kate’s near-to-pop-singing voice contrasts the most with the slow and fuzzy loaded guitars. The slow almost a grave movement acquires a totally new meaning in the track. Contrast, I said, is the key to understand and appreciate in “Event Horizon” its whole. The album sounds as an uncanny outcome of the 1990’s grunge with a pop singer. Bottomline, I guess that explains the album better. More interestingly, the way multiinstrumentist Jensen Rodolfo builds up the guitars with strumming full of fuzz creates a fuzzy and misty atmosphere to Kate’s voice. Interwoven with slower and economic guitar phrases title track “Event Horizon” seems to be painfully and deliciously getting to my child of the night ears. Lodestar here try a different type of Doom Metal that I didn’t get to know that well. Pain and misery walk side by side the smooth and velvet voice giving the fan a different experience. Differently from other Doom Metal albums, “Event Horizon” showcases ten tracks within the four minute average. A fine experience if one asks me.

Lodestar “Event Horizon” was independently released on June 26th.

Track Listing:

  1. Morningstar
  2. Go on Without Me
  3. To Hell and Back
  4. The Shining Path
  5. Darkest Side of Me
  6. Redeem Myself
  7. Godspeed
  8. Be Here for Me
  9. Walk in The Dark
  10. Event Horizon

Watch “Event Horizon” official video here:

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