LODESTAR Search for the ‘Event Horizon’

From Vancouver, Canada. Lodestar emerged around the end of 2020 during the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. Comprised of only two band members Kate Glock and Jensen Rodolfo, together create a style that can only be found in the songs Lodestar creates. The word lodestar is a star that guides the course of a ship or a weary traveler’s journey, it can also be a person who serves as a source of inspiration.

This name was chosen due to the meaning of the word, many of the songs are created to focus on giving the listener hope. This is the message the band wants associated with their music, songs made to give someone hope and to light the way for others, while also having a dark side to some of the songs to deal with the darker themes.

This is not the usual for a doom metal band, to have inspirational lyrics over slow heavy riffs. That is what makes the band a little unique compared to other bands. The lead singer Kate writes all the lyrics, vocals, synths, and orchestral instruments for the band. While Jensen the guitar player, writes all guitar, bass, and drum parts, he also works on all the artwork, music videos, and thinks about the lyrical themes.

The sound and style of the music is an amalgamation of epic doom fused with gothic metal, combined with their own personal taste, gives rise to Lodestar’s unique sound.

Band Line-Up:
Kate Glock – lead vocals/synth/orchestral
Jensen Rodolfo – guitar/ bass/drums

Lodestar (2021)
Event Horizon (2022)

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