Lonescar – Lust for the End

Don’t you just love when an album begins with a moody intro that soon turns into a huge speed-of-light drumming?

Well, I really do.

Lonescar in “Lust for the End” do the grand entrance with the intro to “Gluttonous to the Core,” which, in fact, are connected together being only one track. “Lust for the End” has an instrumental linearity using many features of Old School Heavy Metal, and mostly, some upstanding characteristics of Thrash Metal such as the prominent bass metallic tone. Vocals also follow in mostly moments the Thrash way of singing being a litle bit more harsh. Brian Valdibia’s voice modulates from the low harsh tone to being a little more gritty than usual to follow the need of a more intense vocal. The man does a great job doing so. Those variations in vocals give the songs an sense of change and in doing so, the fan doesn’t get so bored. “Revolution Now” is a good example of the Thrash features and “With Your Martyr Self” the best one for vocals.

The intense drumming of first track slows down a little throughout “Lust for the End,” but that doesn’t mean that Lonescar step down in speed and heavyness. Songs get more intense in emotion as in “For Envy’s Sake.” The band speeds up again in “Images from Mauthausen” whose drumming gets real insane with an interesting downpicking doing that great wall of sound that we all like. “Lust for the End” is intense from head to toe and grasps the fan interest until its last but one track “All is Vanity” whose chorus sounds a little Cirith Ungolish. Great reference, guys. Take my advice for this classic band. Funny thing that the beginning of title track “Lust for Her End” differs from the general mood of the album. Its clean main guitar riff gives an ethereal sense to the song which is broken by a string chordly riff and an even harsher vocal. Well, it’s good to offer something else, I say.

Lonescar “Lust for the End” will be released on January 31st.

Track Listing:

  1. Gluttonous to the Core
  2. Undead Assembly
  3. Means to an End
  4. Life is Suffering
  5. Revolution Now
  6. Self-Led
  7. With Your Martyr Self
  8. For Envy’s Sake
  9. Images from Mauthausen
  10. All is Vanity
  11. Lust for Her End

Watch “Lust for the End” official lyric video here: