LORD ALMIGHTY To Release New Album ‘Wither’ In October

Lord Almighty

Hard-to-pigeonhole black metal-centered outfit LORD ALMIGHTY have announced their upcoming second album, Wither. Set for release on Friday, October 16th, it is the follow up to the group’s 2015 debut album, Paths. The Boston-based group has been active since 2013 and continues to craft a unique crushing mix of black metal blasts and rock and roll melodies that is stylistically ever-evolving into the present. Cover art for Wither was handled by Adam O’ Day.

All great works of art need time to gestate and emerge fully formed, an ethos the mercurial musicians in Lord Almighty are guided by and which helped shape Wither into the impressive work of art that it is over several years of development.

Although the band’s base inclination is rooted in black metal past and present, their love for NWOBHM, sludge, hardcore, blues rock, and more elevates Wither far beyond being merely another black metal release with nothing new to offer. If you could fathom DARKTHRONE, KVELERTAK, and TRASH TALK joining forces with MASTODON, ZZ TOP, and THIN LIZZY, you’d arrive at the expansive and fluid approach to cross-genre pollination LORD ALMIGHTY is incredibly adept at. On Wither, LORD ALMIGHTY has transcended genre norms and created an epic world all their own that will surely be loved by many metalheads.

Lord Almighty comments on Wither: “Wither is an album that really was written over a few years. There were plenty of experiences along the way that continued our descent into madness. 

“It was a hazy time looking through smoke and double vision. Conceptually we had a lot of different emotions and life experiences that culminated to what you hear. 

“If you listen hard enough, you might even hear the crackle of the fire in our building where we lived or the cops pounding on the doors. Or maybe even the dreams in which we envisioned when we found ourselves without homes.”