Lord – Chaos Raining

I generally don’t review albums with less than four tracks. I don’t it’s fair with the bands because less than four is a too down number to have a hint of what the bands want with life. As a method, while I’m unzipping the file with the album I take a look at the number of songs and if they are less than four I delete it immediatly. There are, of course, honorable exceptions. For Lord’s sake I didn’t notice them and I retrieved the album. The next step is listen and I was looking for something a little more vivid today and chose Lord’s “Chaos Raining” for the length of the three songs which are around six minutes – there is an extended version of “Chaos Raining” of nine minutes. So, I played it. Then comes the title track “Chaos Raining” and its wonderful guitar riff. Wow, again wow, what guitar riff went down my ears! Vivid, strong, catchy, mighty. The kind of guitar riff that keeps forever in your mind. It’s got me speechless and amazed. If memory serves me right, I’ve got to say that it is the first time I review an album with so few track and got so pleased.

“Chaos Raining” is the kind of album that is powerful enough to please every metallers in this sad and lonely and pathetic litle planet. Second track “World Insane’s” vocals may be too Power Metal to some, but hell with that, the guitar riff again is a killer. Here we face a band that really knows how to riff. All right, now let’s say something about having two versions of the same song in this EP. In fact, the difference is that Lord chose to insert some more minutes in the beginning and maintain the spinal chord of the song adding some keyboards here and there. The song essencially maintains the 1990’s Heavy Metal mood of its shorter version. Both are insane, if you ask me.

Lord “Chaos Raining” was released on June 12th.

Track Listing:

  1. Chaos Raining
  2. World Insane

Watch “Chaos Raining” official lyric video: