Lorna Shore – …And I Return To Nothingness (Review)

Lorna Shore ...And I Return To Nothingness

Even just to use the phrase “over the top” is to barely even touch no what all the world of deathcore has been known to do, but especially what it has become in recent years. It’s from acts new and old that are constantly coming around to provide us with new takes on the style that feel fresh, and they somehow always manage to push that envelope of mind-scrambling heaviness to new reaches. When it comes to bands that have been pushing that very envelope, though, you can’t go far without mentioning Lorna Shore whose discography has been far from anything to scoff at. Each release has had something admire especially when it comes to the band’s unrelenting madness that oftentimes feels like the epitome of the word “raw”, but it’s armed with a staggering new set of vocals that their latest EP brings them to new heights heretofore we didn’t dare fathom.

Just three tracks are hardly enough to leave an impression most of the time, but it’s only natural that a band like Lorna Shore would be able to pull it off. Hell, just the first track of this work was enough to stop many in their tracks when they heard just what exactly this band could put forth in just six minutes. Triple that runtime and expand that otherworldly chaos across three tracks, and that’s just a hint of what all is brought forth to make “…And I Return To Nothingness” such a powerhouse of truly unyielding deathcore that takes the style to rarely attained heights. There are a number of bands out there that have dared to take this sound to such an extreme extent, but you could maybe count on your hands the number of bands that have actually pulled it off to an exquisite degree virtually without a hitch. It should be by the end of “…And I Return To Nothingness” that everyone should add another example to that very exclusive list. Not a single iota of this EP is made to leave any sort of survivor in the wake of all that Lorna Shore brings to the table in this cataclysmic work that is the aural equivalent to scorched earth war tactics right from the very beginning.

Every possible aspect about what has been accomplished within the undying inferno of “…And I Return To Nothingness” could very well be considered the apex of deathcore madness that actually works, and I’d gladly contest that with anybody. There’s a very good chance that this could be the premier work of its kind that we’re to get this year, and it’s only fitting that a band as utterly eviscerating as Lorna Shore would be the ones to pull off a next-level creation like this. All the way to the defiant end, there isn’t one moment of “…And I Return To Nothingness” that is meant for the weak or uninitiated, and it proves its own salt within the first sixty seconds alone.

“And I Return To Nothingness” releases on August 13th via Century Media Records! You can pre-order “…And I Return To Nothingness” via multiple sources here, and listen to the single, “To The Hellfire”, via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

1. To The Hellfire
2. Of the Abyss
3. …And I Return To Nothingness