LORNA SHORE Launch Drum Play-Through For ‘King Ov Deception’

After releasing a play-through for the song “Death Portrait”, LORNA SHORE drummer Austin Archey has made a brand new one available for “King Ov Deception”. Check out the new drum play-through video below.

Drummer Austin Archey comments: “I’m proud to present my latest drum play-through for ‘King Ov Deception’. A great group of people helped make this video happen, along with my sponsors for providing me with the best gear for me to be comfortable behind the drum kit. Enjoy!”

Formed in 2010, LORNA SHORE is quick to surpass expectations with 2012’s Bone Kingdom EP and it’s follow-up, 2013’s Malificium EP. Through each release, LORNA SHORE continues to prove themselves to be an increasingly formidable force and a ferocious live proposition. 2017’s sophomore LP, Flesh Coffin showed a band that had moved beyond mere “deathcore” trappings and had evolved into a modern metal band, as uncompromising and accomplished as any of their contemporaries or influences.

Topping their previous output with their third full-length and Century Media debut, “Immortal” was refined and perfected over a two-year period and marked the next stage in LORNA SHORE’s development as America’s newest extreme metal powerhouse.

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