LOST TO WOLVES Release Their S/T Album

Lost To Wolves are mostly old friends who first met in 2019 to make music together. This was preceded by an acoustic set at the wedding of a friend. Suddenly the idea of continuing to make music together was there. The current line-up of Jake Soe, Dennis Hoen, Peter Lauer, Tim Quicken and Thomas T. Theobald was completed in early 2020 with the arrival of Theobald. Shortly afterwards, Lost To Wolves recorded their first music. Firstly thought as a rehersal room demo, a pretty good feedback from all sides was given. This led to the decision to release as an official EP. Quickly Lost to Wolves got the Support by Barhill records and release date was set in summer 2020.

Currently, the EP is receiving positive reviews and is reaching many different countries such as Spain, France, US, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Some of Lost To Wolves musicians are already known from bands such as Manifestation, Bastard and The Yellow King.

Sadly all the plannings to play shows and promote their first work was avoided by the pandemic / health situation in Summer 2020. So plans had to be changed quickly and the decision to write new material and release the first full lenght studio album 2021 was made.

Band Line-Up:
Jake Soe – Vocals
Dennis Hoen – Guitar
Peter Lauer – Guitar
Tim Quicken – Bass
Thomas Theobald – Drums

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