Louder.me Offers $500 For The Best Metal Song


On August 1st Louder.me will host Metal Tournament and the winner will get $500 for any local band’s needs that are plenty.

Louder.me is a music platform that aims to create an environment for aspiring new artists to get more fans and feedback to their songs. In today’s world the only wish of any musician is to get noticed, Louder.me tries to help with Arcade mode, Tournaments and plenty of Playlists.

Arcade works as some sort of radio on shuffle, where you get a lot of songs, listen to a small sample of each, and decide if you like it or not. That way Louder.me will determine ratings for the songs, higher rated songs get to Playlists and have to more chances to qualify to the Tournament. Tournaments is a competitive mode where listeners choose between two songs and in the finals decide on the winner who get valuable prizes, promos and sometimes real money. Each Tournament is different with songs from different genres and countries, overall it’s a great way to discover new music.

Louder.me now is 50,000 songs from all around the world and 100,000 users that can’t wait to uncover new big name!