Love Is Red – Darkness Is Waiting Review

The combination between Hardcore and Metal is indeed powerful and has been proving to be really fruitful. It’s absolutely useless to mention all the bands that have used this combination throughout the years and made it work for both genres. Let’s just say that Extreme Metal owes a lot to Hardcore. Just that.

Here we have a combination that is completely news for me –  well, I guess so. You know it has been so many bands in those five years. There’s something here of Rage Against the Machine, only to mention the obvious influence, but also from Motörhead, also obvious. From the first Love Is Red got the anger, and anger as I always say is a solid and non-negotiable ingredient in Extreme music. From where I’m standing, Extreme music isn’t possible without anger. From Motörhead comes the guitar fast riffing even though the cadence isn’t that fast. Unfortunately, “Darkness Is Waiting” has no guitar solo and I mean unfortunately because I guess some guitar solos would fit great in the songs. The album would get perfect and flawless with them.

It’s interesting how Love Is Red combine Metal and Hardcore into their music with many influences of Modern Metal. The tittles of the songs show a band that love to be bold and mix politics with music. Something that I, and nobody with some sense, can’t explain why seems to be apart these days. The world needs more bands with some real social agenda. As Love Is Red say “Darkness Is Waiting” and the end pretty near. Or couldn’t you tell the temperatures this summer? Maybe, just maybe, “A Different Path.” Or I’ll wait you in “Shallow Graves” for both of us. It’s always possible a “So Long,” isn’t it?

I have no shame or fear to say that Extreme music is about rebellion and against the rules whatever they are. Nah, it’s not juvenile as many say. Songs as “Darkness Is Waiting” say much to me only by their tittle. Someone’s got to be raising against all this and no matter it’s by music. “Keep Moving” may be some kind of hymn to the rebellion. The contrast between the low tuned guitar and the clean strummings here and there make my day especially in tracks as “Shallow Graves.” It’s not only the low tunes but also the overdrive which gives a somewhat different sound to the band striking the most the highs when pulled. When doing the rhythm there comes a sonic mass that works pretty okay. That’s a feature that has to be used carefully because sometimes it really gets into a mass. As a fan only “Darkness Is Waiting” goes too fast to notice. It’s only five tracks within an average of four minutes each track. The fan will keep the taste of blood in the mouth waiting for more to come. Once proven never the same. I hope soon not more those seventeen years a from their previous release.

Love Is Red “Darkness Is Waiting” will be released on July 09th.

Track Listing:

  1. Darkness Is Waiting
  2. Keep Moving
  3. A Different Path
  4. Shallow Graves
  5. So Long.

Watch “Darkness Is Waiting” official video here: