Lucifer’s Hammer – The Trip Review

Ah, the NWOBHM. It’s been more than forty years and still there are bands and fans strictly loyal to its sound and power and glory. Hard to say what I love the most about the NWOBHM. Just in case that it would the finesse. That finesse created by the guitars in unison contrasting to the voice of the singer and the thundering sounds of the bass and drums. The sound of the twin guitars playing together, the clean voice that dares to prove that Metal is for singers, the noise and the aggression embelished by the guitar phrases and the high pitches some singers can make. Metal music here is the best synonym of finesse in a music that is clear a sonic subvertion and a costume and moral revolution. Maybe you my fan are a right wing or a conservative but it’s impossible to deny that Metal means subvertion to the sistem. Or do you think Iron Maiden, Judas Priest or more likely Lemmy Kilmister were conservatives in ttheir actions and life? Hardly.

Alright, here we’ve got Lucifer’s Hammer with “The Trip” a band that pays a homage to all the best that NWOBHM brought us. To many their music may be more of the same as the band recreates the best efforts and features of the lost art of finesse with sharp, but polished guitars, a singer that actually sings and an instrumental full of the simple wonders of Heavy Metal music. No, of course, not. Lucifer’s Hammer aren’t the fastest, the gloomiest or even the heaviest and more inovative band ever. On the contrary, what they do here has been tasted many times before. However it’s impossible not to say that the band tries hard and achieves a marvelous outcome with “The Trip” with its seven tracks right away from hell. So, what we have here is an album full of guitar duels and twin guitars, guitar phrases and vocals that follows the melodic grip of the guitars. Forty years ago this would be the punch with the fiercy riffing of “The Winds of Destiny” however the winds of destiny chose a time where this wonder is no news anymore. Such a pity. This world needs more Lucifer’s Hammer and less I won’t say what. It’s so nice to listen to well put guitars notes and guitarists who can play more than being show offs. So great to listen to the bass sustaining the power with all its heart while the guitars fly free to burst into guitar solos doing a duel. The great Tokyo Blade and Angel Witch should be proud. Their pupils learned the lesson pretty well.

“The Trip” is for the ones who loves a Metal trip to hell and back. But with finesse and style.

Lucifer’s Hammer “The Trip” will be released on June 11th via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Oppression
  2. The Forest of Tar Tac
  3. Land of Fire
  4. All Stories Come to an End
  5. Illusion
  6. The Winds of Destiny
  7. I Believe in You

Watch “The Forest of Tar Tac” official video here: