LUNA 13 Release Music Video For New Single ‘Sekhmet’

Black/Bass/Metal act LUNA 13 have released a music video for new single  “Sekhmet”. The bold visual stunner invokes the spirit of the illustrious Egyptian figure and is in homage to a history of female warrior goddesses. Filmed in the duo’s home of Joshua Tree, California, the video is set in a desolate desert background and features contributions from art crew Grindhaus with the video directed by the group’s Otis Johnson. Check out the new video below.

As the band’s musical maestro Dr. Luna says to “The video is a group of Wastelanders invoking ‘Sekhmet’ in the desert with fire. It was the very first track we wrote for our God.Dis album release and represents our style of going from slow doom to thrash in a blink. states about the new track: “The duo of Dr. Luna and Lilith Bathory continue to refine their signature of black metal adjacent electronica with their latest offering … the tandem’s latest is among the effort’s heaviest, indulging the band’s black metal sensibilities in a track that plays out like a spiraling decent into the bowels of hell.

Sekhmet” is the latest single from the dark lord duo’s album God.Dis that was released last November through new label, COP International (the home of Stabbing WestwardChiasm, Stoneburner, Deathline International and Suicide Queen). Previous videos have included “Cursing The Sky” and “Sacrificial Lamb. Thematically, songs on God.Dis cover the grounds of witchcraft, nuclear war and modern conspiracy theories. It’s a release that Sonic Perspectives deems “feels both simultaneously ethereal and omnipresent.”

God.Dis Track Listing:
1. God.Dis[intro]
2. Cursing The Sky
3. Sacrificial Lamb
4. Black Stars Shine
5. Illuminati Lucifer Party
6. The Beast Within
8. Sekhmet
9. Bull Horned Home