Lunar Blood – Twilight Insurgency Review

Old school Extreme Metal. Ah, the old school of Extreme Metal. Add to that burning mix the elements of Hardcore and some experimental. Now my dear fan can fan an accurate idea of what I’m talking about. The mopst interesting thing about Lunar Blood is that even though “Twilight Insurgency” has some elements of experimentalism the album is crude, raw, and unpolished. JUst the way old school extreme metallers love. Make no mistake “Twilight Insurgency” is a truckload of noise and power. Another thing about the experimental thing is that Lunar Blood, as later review, like to have some narration between the tracks. The difference here is the spirit of mockery and disdain. Some kind of the devilsih spirit some Black Metal bands are doing these days. Not the theatrical part, but the mockery and debauche.

Some tracks are the usuaal Old School Extreme Metal butchery and bloodshed as “Wrath March” and “Parliament of Trees” with their drumming into the speed of light. Lots of feedbacks and noise as well. “Gnawed,” for instance, experiments a lot of dissonances and discord as if the guitars were looking of the perfect way of making some more noise still tuned. I guess that’s the main idea. The guitar effects delivered are amazing. The experimentation here is also on the tones as in “God of the Trainwreck” a song that really sounds as a trainwreck and where the bass does Hardcore lines and the guitar use that full of gain low-tuned distortion. I my mind a trainwreck might sound like the way Lunar Blood performed here. Just a guess. Hum, now something came up to my mind. Is there a god of trainwrecks? Just asking. No harm, no foul. Following the spirit of Hardcore, “Twilight Insurgency” has very few guitar solos. The intent here is to sound noisier using all the possible effects a guitar can make. I do like that. Now a few lines about the vocals. Well, I guess it’s possible to say that the vocals are unique here. Vocals not only vociferates but also growls sometimes in a way it’s impossible to make it understandable. Great, if you know what I’m saying. That’s the real spirit of Extreme Metal.

Make no mistake “Twilight Insurgency” is an album for extreme metallers that appreciates the good old noise full of gain and incomprehensible vocals which sound as dog barking at the Moon.

Lunar Blood “Twilight Insurgency” will be released on February 18th via Pulverised Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Purified Rot
  2. The Hammer
  3. Gastrointestinal Industrial Complex
  4. Ululating in the Depths
  5. Wrath March
  6. Parliament of Trees
  7. Gnawed
  8. God of the Trainwreck
  9. Pig Hunter

Watch “Wrath March” official video here: