Lurk – Fringe

Wanna share the excruating pain the souls in purgatory feel? Well, I advise you. It’s not the soundtrack of it, because there pianful souls are obligaed to listen to pop. I truly believe that. Metal is the soudtrack to demons. The ones who make the pain, not the ones who suffer. This is Lurk with “Fringe,” the real soundtrack to helpless souls. The one that will make you shrivel and shake down to your spine. In fact, “Fringe” is instrumental more than 50% of the time. Songs like  “Offshoot,” “Furrow,” and “Nether” have vocals. The others fit in the category of moans and grows  recreate the atmosphere of pain and despair told before. Lurk are a very competent band in terms of sharing all the pain, despair, and grief they want to share. Their really their intent.

As their doom peers, Lurk make a sludge music, full of shadows and grays; dark and dense full of all the disgusts of real life. It’s music for whom understands that life is much more than the artificial and forced happiness fake artists by fake producers induced by a fake industry try to make us swallow. Even though, Lurk’s music is also powerful, energetic, and stregthful, but only the iniciated will notice. Back nin the days, some metallers confused power and strength with speed. It’s not really that, if you get me. A song like “Reclaim” is pretty heavy, though slow-paced. As I said, Metal is the soundtrack for demons and fallen angels – different things, guys.

“Fringe” is an album with selected melodies and chords, because in order to work properly, Lurk had to choose wisely and the chord progression. The chord has to sound properly, it has to make the exact desired effect and fizzle. Lurk really know how to do so.

Lurk “Fringe” will be released on Agust 10th via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Ostrakismos
  2. Tale Blade
  3. Reclaim
  4. Elan
  5. Offshoot
  6. Furrow
  7. Nether
  8. Proteus Syndrome

Watch “Reclaim” official video here.